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Hope and Patience:  A Joint Pastoral Letter

November 28, 2020

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On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization officially declared the Covid pandemic.

In the nearly nine months since this declaration our global family has been struggling with the cataclysmic impact of illness and death. As of this date, 1.4 million people world-wide have died from this virus. Here in the United States we have lost, as of this date 258,483 people and are continuing to lose 2,000 or more people each day.

In these ensuing months the reality of the dangers of this virus has resulted in significant psychological and spiritual trauma and hardship for those of us who have chosen to take the reality of this virus seriously. Those of us who wish to survive this virus no longer can leave our homes without wearing masks and gloves, maintaining recommended social distancing, and carrying with us small bottles of hand sanitizers. We are limited to very few opportunities for any form of social interaction and all students are now limited to truncated opportunities to continue their education.

Our lives have been threatened and traumatized akin to the civilians struggling to save their lives in H.G. Wells’ story War of the Worlds. As we read of the relentless march of the alien invaders in Mr. Wells’ story we were inspired by the ultimate victory of the human race over the invaders at the end of the story.

Since the beginning of this relentless deadly virus, we might now be able to have some hope for our victory over the Coronavirus.

We, the clergy and leaders, representing jurisdictions within the Autocephalous Catholic Churches wish to encourage hope and patience to one and all, as we await the final results from the last stages of testing the three Vaccines for the Coronavirus.

As we travel these final miles to the threshold of health and healing, we wish to ask one and all to continue their vigilance and practice of all the recommended safe protocols for self protection and the protection of others. Please do not take off your masks, please continue to practice safe distancing, please stay safe at home, please refrain from group gatherings and please continue to pray for the success of one or more of these potential vaccines.

We have been endowed by God to be stewards of His kingdom on Earth. Please remain hopeful and patient for the healing and renewal of that which is to come.

We the undersigned commit ourselves to each of you in thought, prayer and deed and stand with you as we share the final steps of this journey of recovery.

On behalf of our jurisdictions, we remain


Respectfully Yours in Christ,


The Very Reverend Nicholas J. Cucchiaro
Celtic Cross Old Catholic Church
Telford. Pennsylvania

The Rt. Reverend Dr. Marc Morales del Castillo
Bishop for the Progressive Catholic Diocese of the Midwest
Phoenix, Arizona

The Most Reverend David Doyle
North American Catholic Ecumenical Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Very Reverend Canon Mark Hebert
Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest
Bend, Oregon

The Most Reverend Floyd Anthony Kortenhof
Archbishop Old Roman Catholic Church English Rite
Elmwood Park, Illinois

The Reverend Paul Newbery
Bishop-Elect United Liberal Catholic Church International
NW  United Kingdom

The Most Reverend Raymond Lee Niblock
Old Catholic Diocese of the Uniformed Services
Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Very Reverend Monsignor Mark Schwarz
North American Catholic Ecumenical Church
Corrales, New Mexico

The Most Reverend Joseph Paul Smith
Old Catholic Diocese of the Uniformed Services
Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Reverend Deacon Taylor W. Tracy
Christ the King Progressive Catholic Church
Kansas City, Kansas

The Most Reverend William von Rolappe, OSB
Christ Apostolic Catholic Church
Haverhill, Massachusetts

The Most Reverend James Alan Wilkowski
Presiding Bishop for the Evangelical Catholic Church and the Diocese of the Northwest
Chicago, Illinois