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The Election of a Presiding Bishop

Revised 2000

In accordance with Canon 18.6 of the Code of Canon Law, a Presiding Bishop shall be elected, or affirmed in Office at the National Conference in the first and fifth year of each decade beginning with the year AD 2005.

In January of the year in which an election for a Presiding Bishop Shall take place, it shall be the responsibility of the sitting Presiding Bishop name a Election Committee comprised of three persons, not members of the Evangelical Catholic Church, to oversee the integrity of the election process.

The Election Committee has be comprised of one cleric to serve as chaplain, one election judge and one witness to the election.

Prior to Ash Wednesday in the year of an election of a Presiding Bishop, the Judge for the Election shall contact all eligible candidates to confirm their willingness to have their names placed on the ballot.

Should a bishop choose to not have their name placed on the ballot, they remain eligible to vote in the election.

At the agreed upon time, the House of Bishop will convene in Executive Session for the purpose of electing a Presiding Bishop.

After having prayer offered by the Chaplain for the Election, the Judge for the Election shall distribute a ballot to each voting Bishop to select their choice for Presiding Bishop.  When ballots have been marked, the Judge for the Election shall collect the ballots for totaling.

The Candidate who accumulates the majority of votes shall be declared Presiding Bishop.


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