" A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition "


My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I have come to learn in recent weeks that sometimes our own personal plans and agendas are not always in tandem with the plans which God has in store for us.

I made a decision last year to provide someone else with the opportunity of take on the role of Presiding Bishop so that my schedule would be freed up in order to return to producing our television program Evangelical Catholic Life here in Chicago, which we had done for several seasons in the past.

I was blessed with a Aunt who was often fond of saying at the end of the day before bedtime , "Let's see how tomorrow goes."

Her advice turned out to be most sound.

Since the outbreak of the Coronovirus the lives of ever person within the human family have been radically changed and continues to be changed.  When we thought that the worst of the pandemic was over a short time ago - it has revived with a vengeance throughout many parts of our country without any seemingly rhyme or reason inflicting pain, suffering and death indiscriminately.

For many it seems that we are all living out something created by H.G. Wells. co

At the beginning of this pandemic I felt that my personal, social, professional and spiritual life had been placed into a form of conscious limbo feeling imprisoned within a confined space without walls.itAnd when I though that life had run out of curves to toss my way guess what did come my way.  A respectable size heart attack in mid June and just recently some internal forum matters that needed my attention.

Sadly the Hallmark company didn't have any cards to cover those issues.

Nevertheless, I AM sitting here tonight at my desk on this July 7th which is the anniversary of the foundation of the Evangelical Catholic Church and that also of my Episcopal ordination as Bishop feeling alive, renewed, refreshed and wanting to return to the vineyards as soon as we can find whatever is needed to destroy this pandemic. 

These past months of common trials have reinforced for me that the Catholic way of life calls the baptized to live the Gospel and to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. This means that we are called to continue transforming our culture into a culture of love and life. We do this from within the culture when, in every context, we live out our Catholic faith by what we say and do. We only need to look around us to see how desperately our world needs to be transformed and healed.

When our jurisdiction was consecrated in 1997, we chose to follow the spiritual examples of the first generation of Evangelists. We have rededicated ourselves to witnessing the Catholic faith to all through our sacramental, spiritual and community lives - just as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did. We believe that the theology of Social Justice and Peace, the Pauline model of One Bread, One Body along with the entire Gospel message can effect a deeper relationship between the Father and we, His children.

In addition to being called to follow the examples of the Evangelists, the Evangelical Catholic Church has also been deeply influenced by the life and vocation of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa Once you have read his story, you will understand why Bishop Costa is an exemplar for our Church.

While it was not my original plane to be sitting once again in the chair of my former assignment, I accept God's desire to use me in His own way and I shall due my very best to journey with you all towards the light of health and healing.

As you will learn from our website, the Evangelical Catholic Church has responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to build upon the foundations of the Second Vatican Council and to be spirituality and pastorally responsive to the needs of the People of God in this period of our on-going journey in faith.

I hope that your visit to our website will be informative and helpful in answering any questions you may have about us.  If you have any questions not answered by our site, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and we will make every attempt to answer them for you. 

Please know that yours intentions shall be in our prayers,

I remain,



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+ James Alan Wilkowski