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The Evangelical Catholic Church supports the traditional Catholic belief that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, and at the end of her life on Earth was assumed into eternal life.1

We believe that Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ continues to play a pivotal role in our spiritual life. We believe that Mary intercedes on our behalf when prayers are offered to her as first among the blessed in heaven and first among the saints.

We encourage all to celebrate the traditional feast days accorded to Mary.

We encourage all who have devotions to Mary to continue doing so.

We believe that because the role of Mary is so important and unique in our lives, that we not blur her significance by assigning titles or functions inappropriate to her.

Historically, the tradition of Mary’s perpetual virginity has been a litmus test for Catholics. However scholars are at a loss to provide a scriptural justification for this tradition. For many scholars the issue of Mary’s perpetual virginity remains a mystery of the Faith.

Therefore, the Evangelical Catholic Church respects the various opinions on this matter, and calls upon all to respect the opinions of others. This Church accepts the time-honored prayers and references to Mary for the good of tradition.

1 Traditional Catholic teaching is that Mary, the Mother of God was unique among humans in that she did not suffer the common human fate of bodily corruption after death, but was assumed into heaven without having to endure that indignity.

Approved July 1, 2001




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