" A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition "



In Remembrance

The Evangelical Catholic Church
invites you to remember in your prayers
those who have entered into
Eternal Life with God


Officer Lloyd Aragon

Felix Baca

Fredilino and Elvira Baca

Ronnie Baca

Mike Ball

Reverend Bruce Ball

Howard Beau

Mary Beau

Brody Bryant

Msgr. Harold Bumpus

Elise Castillo

Tomas Castillo

Millie Ceclie

       Marlena Chavez

Marc Chavez

Carole Curran

James R. Curran

James & Anna Doyle and Family

John F. and Barbara Doyle

Reverend Steve Duby

Ed Fagan

Rose Fagan

Reverend Michael Fitzgerald

Ronald Thomas Flood

Reverend Clarence Frana

Mary Franson

William Franson

Mary French

Raymond Goebels

Simon Garcia

Veronica Garcia

Christopher Guzman

Deceased Members of the Grants Police Department

William Hartman

Reverend Steven M.  Harrington

The Reverend Mr. Anthony J. Herrmann

Marion Janich

Paul Janich

Ricardo Juarros

Mary Juarros

Carol Wilkowski Kajganich

The Rev. Mr. Raymond and Mary Kramer

Jerome P. Kruhaj

Michael Marinelli, Sr.

Vicente Martinez

Clary Lee Mc Gahee

Margaret Millar

Oscar Millman

Millie Millman

Annie Molina

Keith Muky

Betty Jane Nickson

Ivan and Rose Ninkovich

John and Olive Ninkovich

Steve Ninkovich

Gloria Novak

John Novak

Kevin O'Carroll

John Perkovich

Edward A. Puda

Richard E. "Robbie" Robinson

Reverend Robert Saunders

Elizabeth E. Schrempf

George and Mary Sertich

John Sertich

Thomas and Mary Sertich

The Most Reverend Mark Steven Shirilau *

Paul and Velma Starbranch

Cheryl Stephens

Ann Thompson

Mike Tierney

Brother Jude Ungering, FSC

Aurelia Valdez

Bartolo and Palmira Vigil

John and Louis White

Burton A. and Dorothy J. Wilkowski

Clifford E. and Jeanette T. Wilkowski

Nancy Wilkowski Polewalski

Warren C.  and Mary M. Wilkowski

William and Elsie Wittkamp

Charles & Edna Wood and Family

Reverend John J. Schutty