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The ECC Model for Church Governance

One of the major topics of discussion during the Albuquerque Conference of 1996 focused on the hierarchical model or structure to be adopted for the governance of the Evangelical Catholic Church.

Because many of the participants at that Conference had previous experiences with pyramid models of Church authority and governance practiced by many church jurisdictions, there was a initial inclination to use that model for ECC.  We soon came to the consensus that the strict pyramid model was inconsistent with the ecclesial, canonical, liturgical and sacramental reforms we had dedicated as the foundation for the Evangelical Catholic Church.

Our Conference discerned that the Evangelical Catholic Church would rest with a Presiding Bishop, the Local Diocesan Bishops making up the House of Bishops, a House of Clergy and a House of Laity.

Thus the example of the round table would serve  as our model represents the Presiding Bishops and Local Bishops, the Houses of Clergy and Laity to work together to enable the Evangelical Catholic Church in its mission the serve the People of God.

The Bishops, Clergy and Laity are charged with specific areas of sacramental, ecclesial and social concerns.  When our Church gathers for its National Conference, all voices and perspectives of the entire family of the Evangelical Catholic Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit are shared and heard.


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