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Church Council Meeting - Highland Park Baptist Church - Lenoir City,  Tennessee


September 26th, 2020 Meeting of the Evangelical Catholic Church


Paula Helsby
Canon Mark Hebert
William R. Morton
Bishop James Alan Wilkowski

This meeting was called to consider amendments of Canons 1 and 16 of the Code of Canon Law.

Bishop Wilkowski proposes the following amendments to Canon 1 and 16:

Canon 1:   Introduction

1.1 The corporate name of the faith community shall be The Independent Evangelical Catholic Church in America.

1.2 Within these canons it shall also be referred to as "this church", "this faith community", or "the Evangelical Catholic Church." 

1.3 The Independent Evangelical Catholic Church in America is a validly consecrated and constituent member of Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which unites all Christians throughout the world and throughout history.

1.4 The Independent Evangelical Catholic Church in America shall be incorporated in the State of Illinois as a not for profit religious corporation.

1.5 The Code of Canon Law for the Independent Evangelical Catholic Church in America shall serve as its official instrument of guidance and focus for its mission of service to the People of God.

Canon 16:  Bishops

16.1 Bishops within this Church are called forth in service and in leadership by the Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops, upon the recommendation of the Council of Advisors, House of Clergy, House of Laity, and the People of God.

     §1 All candidates for Bishop shall be consecrated in the prescribed Rite of the Church with the Presiding Bishop as the primary consecrator and with a minimum of two validly consecrated bishops in attendance serving in the traditional role of co-consecrators.  All co-consecrators shall affix their signatures to the official certificate of consecration along with any additional required Church records.  

Motion to accept these two amendments were made by Bishop Wilkowski and seconded by Canon Mark Hebert.  Vote for acceptance was 4 - 0 in favor.

Upon completing the business at hand, Bishop Wilkowski moved that the meeting be concluded.  Canon Mark Hebert seconded the motion and the vote for acceptance 4 - 0 in favor.




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