The Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northeast


Church of Saint Anthony

"A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition"

in residence

155 Douglas Avenue
Providence Rhode Island 02908-3254
(T) 401-270-9286

The Most Reverend Louis Serra




Parish Mass Schedule

Saturday Evenings at 5:00 PM at Saint Anthony

Sunday at 10 AM at EPOCH Blackstone BLVD, Providence RI.


Parish Offices
120 Barney Street  Rumford Rhode Island
(T) 401.270.9286



Invitation for the Reception of Communion

We welcome all baptized Christians
to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord.

We encourage anyone who is conscious of
the need of sacramental reconciliation to
receive this sacrament prior to the reception of Communion


Sacramental Preparations

We request that those preparing for Marriage or Baptism
please contact parish for scheduling.



Please contact the parish prior of publication of obituary



The Evangelical Catholic Church Welcomes You Home



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