2017 Evangelical Catholic Church Annual Conference and Retreat



Please note that all submissions to the Conference Agenda must be made on or before June 17th, 2017


July 17th, 2017

Arrival and Check-in


July 18th, 2017

7:30 AM  Morning Prayer  ( Father Radloff ) followed by Breakfast

9:30 AM Morning Business Session

1.  Approval of Minutes from 2016
2.  Presiding Bishop's Report
3.  Vocation Director's Report
4.  Input from the BOD of the ECC
5.  Voting on the following items:

 Amendment to Canon 17:19

    17.19  All diocesan Bishops are requested to offer their resignations upon their 70th birthday.

    Proposed Change to Read   "All diocesan Bishops may offer their resignations from office at the time of their 70th Birthday."

Amendment to Canon 24:2

24.2 The National Board of Directors for the Evangelical Catholic Church shall be composed of the Presiding Bishop and all other Bishops of the Church, together with appointed members from the ranks of clergy and laity.

Motion to amend: "In its ongoing goal of having the laity of this Church assume roles of responsibilities, the National Board of Directors, by the year 2020, shall be comprised of the Presiding Bishop as Chair of the Board, Secretary of the Board, Treasurer of the Board along with a minimum of five canonical members of the Laity.  The office of Secretary of the Board may come from the clerical ranks.  The office of Treasurer of the Board must come from the ranks of the canonical laity.


10:30 AM  Break and Preparation Time for Mass at 11 AM with the conferral of the Ministry of Lector for Karen Tillie.


Noon Lunch.


1:45 PM  Afternoon working session.

6.  Beginning to collaborate on the pastoral essay, "Inclusion of the Laity."

4:00 PM Break and preparation for Dinner.

7:30 PM Evening Prayers ( Fr. Verhasselt )


Wednesday, July 19th, 2017


7:30 AM  Morning Prayer  ( Father Mark ) followed by Breakfast

9:30 AM  Mass and the conferral of the Ministry of Acolyte upon Karen Tillie.

11:00 AM  Session - Planning our Roadmap.  Part 1


Noon  Lunch

2:00 PM  Session - Planning our Roadmap  Part 2

4:00 PM   Pre planning 2018 Conference.


















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