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The Old Covenant


12.  What is meant by a covenant with God?

A covenant is a relationship initiated by God, to which a body of people responds in faith.

13.  What is the Old Covenant?

The Old Covenant is the one given by God to the Hebrew people.

14.  What did God promise them?

God promised that they would be his people to bring all the nations of the world to him.

15.  What response did God require from the chosen people?

God required the chosen people to be faithful; to love justice, to do mercy, and to walk humbly with their God.

16.  Where is this Old Covenant to be found?

The covenant with the Hebrew people is to be found in the books which we call the Old Testament.

17.  Where in the Old Testament is God's will for us shown most clearly?

God's will for us is shown most clearly in the Ten Commandments.