" A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition "


of the
Evangelical Catholic Church


Part One:  Human Nature

Part Two:  God the Father

Part Three:  The Old Covenant

Part Four:  The Ten Commandments

Part Five:  Sin and Redemption

Part Six: God the Son

Part Seven:  The New Covenant

Part Eight:  The Creeds

Part Nine: The Holy Spirit

Part Ten:   Sacred Scriptures

Part Eleven:  The Church

Part Twelve:  The Ministry of the Church

Part Thirteen:  Prayer and Worship

Part Fourteen:  The Sacraments

Part Fifteen:  Baptism

Part Sixteen:  Confirmation

Part Seventeen:  The Eucharist

Part Eighteen:  The Sacrifice of the Mass

Part Nineteen:  Holy Communion

Part Twenty:  Confession

Part Twenty-One:  Contrition

Part Twenty-Two:  Confession

Part Twenty-Three:  Making a Proper Confession

Part Twenty-Four:  Sacrament of the Sick

Part Twenty-Five:   Holy Orders

Part Twenty-Six:  Matrimony

Part Twenty-Seven:  Sacramentals

Part Twenty-Eight:   Prayer

Part Twenty-Nine:  The Lord's Prayer

Part Thirty:  The Christian Hope

Part Thirty-One:  Mary, Mother of God