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 Canon Nineteen

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church

Canon 19:   Episcopal Incardination

19.1 Members of the Episcopacy from another Catholic community are permitted to make application for Incardination into this Church.

19.2  Candidates for Episcopal Incardination must fulfill the requirements of Canon 12.24, 12.25 and 14.1.

19.3  Candidates for Episcopal Incardination must make their applications directly to the Presiding Bishop of this Church, who will then act as Episcopal Director of Vocations.

19.4 Once a candidate for Episcopal Incardination has been received into this Church, the Presiding Bishop may grant presbyterial faculties to such bishops who have begun the process of Incardination. Such bishops will be granted the title of "Bishop in Residence." While accorded all the respect and honor due their office, such bishops are ineligible to participate in the functions of the House of Bishops, nor can they act as spokesperson for the Church. If a candidate for Episcopal Incardination has not fulfilled the requirements of Canon 11.6, they must do so prior to making final petition for Episcopal Incardination.

19.5  Upon completion of a one year transitional period, the House of Bishops will make their decision, which is final and not subject to review, regarding the granting of  plenary Episcopal faculties and duties to candidates for Episcopal Incardination in the Church.

19.6  Upon being granted plenary Episcopal faculties, such bishops will take their seat within the House of Bishops, with all the rights and privileges due their office.

19.7 If, after attaining Episcopal Incardination, it is discovered that the candidate consciously submitted false and misleading information on his or her application for Episcopal Incardination into the Church, the Church shall declare such Episcopal Incardinations null and void.

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