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 Canon Eighteen

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church

Canon 18:  The Office of the Presiding Bishop

18.1 The presiding Bishop shall proactively serve as national spokesperson for the Church.

18.2 The Presiding Bishop shall proactively evangelize the Gospels.

18.3 The Presiding Bishop, in his or her role as Bishop Protector of Institutes of Consecrated Life, shall actively promote the creation of new religious orders, and to take care that they grow and flourish according to the spirit and charism of their Founder(s).

18.4 The Presiding Bishop is responsible for convening monthly meetings of the House of Bishops.

18.5 The Presiding Bishop is responsible for convening the National Church Conference at a location accessible for all to attend.

18.6 The Presiding Bishop shall be elected, or affirmed in Office at the National Conference in the first and fifth year of each decade beginning with the year AD 2005.

18.7 Upon election, the Presiding Bishop shall appoint a Vicar General who shall assume the duties of Presiding Bishop on a provisional basis should the office of Presiding Bishop become vacant before the end of the current term.

    1. The Vicar General shall have the responsibility to contact the members of the House of Bishops, Council of Advisors, House of Clergy, and the House of Laity of the vacancy. The Council of Advisors, the House of Clergy, and the House of Laity shall make recommendations to the House of Bishops regarding the selection of a new Presiding Bishop no later than three months after the vacancy occurs. At the time of their recommendations, the House of Bishops shall elect a new Presiding Bishop.

    2. The Vicar General shall perform other duties assigned by the House of Bishops.

    3. During the transitional period, the Vicar-General shall act as spokesperson for the Church; consulting with the House of Bishops and the Council of Advisors for guidance before making any pronouncements binding upon the Church and its members.

18.8 For the purpose of recognition and service to the edification of the people, the Church has instituted the position of Honorary Prelate as Canon to the Metropolitan.  

As a Canon to the Metropolitan, it is the Presiding Bishopís prerogative to appoint any cleric to this position and duty. 

If a local Ordinary wishes to honor a member of his/her diocese in this way, they may petition the Presiding Bishop to appoint. 

If the Church, gathered in synod, deems someone worthy of this position they may by nomination of a bishop and popular acclaim (50% + 1 majority) elect this worthy cleric to the position.  The Presiding Bishop must appoint under such a vote. 

As a canon to the Metropolitan they will be obliged to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at least once a liturgical season for the Presiding Bishopís intention and the welfare of the Church, living and dead. 

As a Canon to the Metropolitan the cleric is to be styled in the traditional manner as "Canon."

18.9  The Presiding Bishop may not unilaterally assume any powers or authority beyond that already prescribed by Canon 18.  The penalty for such actions shall be the loss of office and Episcopal faculties. 


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