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   Canon Sixteen

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church

Canon 16:  Bishops

16.1 Bishops within this Church are called forth in service and in leadership by the Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops, upon the recommendation of the Council of Advisors, House of Clergy, House of Laity, and the People of God.

16.2 Bishops shall serve the Church as either a Local Ordinary of a Diocese, Auxiliary Bishop of a Diocese, or as Prefect of a Vicariate.

16.3 Bishops are called forth because of a liturgical, sacramental, or pastoral need. Bishops are also called for their spiritual guidance, theological knowledge, academic wisdom, and pastoral ability.

16.4 Candidates for the Episcopacy shall be priests who have been ordained or Incardinated into the Church for a period of no less than three years, are active in their standing without leave of absences during the three year period prior to candidacy and are currently in good standing within the Church.

16.5 Candidates for the Episcopacy must possess appropriate academic credentials.

16.6 For a just cause, a bishop may request a leave of absence from his/her faculties. Such requests are made to the Presiding Bishop, who shall grant such leaves after appropriate pastoral investigation of the cause and appointment of an Administrator for the period of the leave of absence, who will work directly with the Presiding Bishop.

16.7 An Auxiliary Bishop requesting a leave of absence must apply to the local ordinary, who will submit the request to the Presiding bishop.

16.8 The Bishop of the Diocese or Local Vicariate must reside within the jurisdiction to which they are appointed.

16.9 The Bishop of a Diocese or Vicariate possesses all the rights, prerogatives, and responsibilities inherent in that office, as long as they are not in violation of any Canons of the Church.

16.10  Auxiliary Bishops shall assist the Local Ordinary in the pastoral care of the Diocese or Vicariate they are called to serve.

16:11  All Bishops shall serve as members of the Church's Liturgical Commission.

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