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The 2014
National Conference and Retreat


The 2014 National Conference and Retreat for the Evangelical Catholic Church convened at the ToddHall Retreat and Conference Center during the weekend of May 16th.

In attendance were:

The Most Reverend James Alan Wilkowski
Presiding Bishop and Bishop for the Diocese of the Northwest

The Very Reverend Louis Serra
Administrator for the Diocese of the Northeast

The Reverend Mr. Joseph Authement, OSB

Brother Nicholas Bennett, OSB

The Reverend Canon Michael Bonnett
Church of the Holy Family
Chicago, Illinois

The Reverend Peter Julian McGechie
Church of the Holy Family
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. William R. Morton
Director of Media and Communication

The Reverend James Radloff
Church of the Holy Communion
Bend, Oregon

The Reverend David Verhasselt
Church of the Holy Name of Jesus
Ashippun, Wisconsin

Conference Guests:

Matthew Pozen

The Reverend Bernhard Zingraft, OSB



The following was the agenda for our Conference:

Friday, May 16th.

Lunch at 12:00 PM

Opening Mass at 2:30 PM  Wilkowski Celebrant. Incardinations of Louis Serra and Kent Joseph Authement and Liturgical Reception of James Radloff. 

4 to 5 PM  Informal gathering in meeting room.

5 PM Dinner

6:00 Alice Kyle will present information on assisting and encouraging parishioners to make funeral pre plans.

7:00  Reports on Catechism Draft and Draft of  Charter for the Protection of the Faithful.

7:45  Evening Prayer  Dave Verhasselt

Saturday, May 17th.

7: 30 AM  Morning Prayer


10:00 AM  Presentation on Social Justice and Peace.

11:00 AM   Mass.  Serra Celebrant   

Noon Lunch

1:30  Saint John the Evangelist Seminary

2:00 - 2:30   Bill Morton Presentation on Public Relations and Media.

2:30 - 3:00   Free Time

3:30  Liturgical Music - Joseph Authement

4:30  Evening Prayer  Joseph Authement

5:00  Dinner

6:30  Brief discussion regarding election of Presiding Bishop in 2015 and appointment of 2015 Retreat Chair.

Sunday, May 18th.


Closing Liturgy  Radloff Celebrant

Brief Meeting to choose Date and Location for 2015 Conference.




Bishop Wilkowski opened the Mass for our Retreat and Conference and celebrated the Rite of Clerical Incardination for Father Louis Serra and Deacon Joseph Authement, OSB.  The Bishop also completed the right of reception for Father James Radloff.

During the Mass, Bishop Wilkowski announced that Father Louis Serra has been named Bishop-elect for the Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northeast.

Fathers Serra and Verhasselt present the update of the work of the Catechism for the Evangelical Catholic Church.  They have completed to and including the Sacraments of the Church and will have final draft ready for approval for 2015 Conference.  Father Radloff stressed the model of the Baltimore Catechism for its simplicity in reading.

We were visited by Alice Kyle of the Owens - Ruzich Funeral Home in Whiting, Indiana who provided a workshop on the topic of Funeral Pre-Planning and all of the details therein.  Father Verhasselt concluded our first day with leading us in Evening Prayer.

On Saturday, the Conference followed the abovementioned schedule and received updates from Bishop Wilkowski regarding the seminary and Bill Morton provided information on Press Releases and General Announcements.

Deacon Joseph provided us with information regarding the application of Liturgical Music in our celebration and most importantly - how to begin working music into our liturgies. After Deacon Joseph's workshop on Liturgy, Bishop Wilkowski once again raised the question regarding The Church's decision to retain the common use of the original text of the Missal for our liturgies.  The conference unanimously re-affirmed it past decision to continue with the original text of the Novis Ordo for our liturgies.

Bishop Wilkowski reminded those gathered that 2015 is a year in which we elect our Presiding Bishop for a five year term and he will provided the outline for such a election to all after January 1, 2015.


Conference Pictures


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